TRYST™ and PEARL-seq™ Platforms

Arrakis Therapeutics is building and integrating two proprietary platforms that enable re-architecting drug discovery for RNA targets.

Arrakis’s scientific platforms enable us to identify tractable RNA targets, design drug molecules, and select candidates for clinical development to produce a pipeline of RNA-targeted small molecule medicines focused in neurology, oncology, and rare genetic disorders.

TRYST is a high-throughput, comprehensive system of bioinformatics tools, assays and chemical libraries that can identify new RNA targets, map and prioritize drug binding sites, and create and test new chemical matter to serve as the foundation for new programs.

PEARL-seq is a chemical biology technology that interrogates and exploits the secondary and tertiary structures of folded RNAs in their native state within cells to elucidate a candidate drug’s binding mode and to assess its selectivity thereby driving SAR and selection of development candidates.

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