Expedition RNA,
Destination Patients

Arrakis has a simple but powerful vision: To extend small-molecule medicines into new realms of biology, unlocking that biology for medicine. Our approach builds on the existing sophisticated drug discovery toolkit developed for protein targets, which we are adapting and refocusing on discovering small-molecule compounds that act directly on RNA.

We are pioneering new territory, with an expedition led by a team of skilled scientists and drug development leaders who are inventive yet pragmatic. We are on a bold and exciting mission, a mission not without peril, but we have an energized, collaborative, creative and fearless team – a team that has consistently breached barriers and blazed new trails in search of solutions. We are now poised to realize the promise of bringing RNA into play for small-molecule drug discovery.

Pushing the frontier of this emerging field of science is gratifying, but our mission goes beyond the thrill of scientific discovery.  We believe that by targeting RNA biology in new ways, we have the potential to impact millions of patients.  Our platform will allow us to reach hundreds of biological targets not currently accessible to medicine, including known targets previously considered “undruggable.” Our destination is powerful new therapies for patients everywhere, by opening up a new path for discovering RNA-targeted medicines.

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