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Reaching cruising altitude: new discovery tools to target RNA

August 31st, 2020
by Herschel Mukherjee
Scientist II, Chemistry, Arrakis

The majority of small molecule drugs induce their therapeutic effects by seeking out and binding to their intended target while avoiding most other molecules in the dense milieu of the cell interior. In doing so, biological processes that rely on a specific target can be selectively modulated, ultimately producing the desired therapeutic effect. Understanding the […]

A new drug approval for the vanguard of RNA-targeted small molecules

August 27th, 2020
by Jennifer Petter, PhD
Founder and CSO, Arrakis

A few years ago, at Arrakis Therapeutics, we set out to conquer a strange new territory, drugging RNA structures with small molecules. We have overcome many obstacles on this mission, inventing new concepts and methods where necessary and re-engineering known concepts and methods where possible. But we have not been the only people on this […]

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