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PEARL-seq: A Photoaffinity Platform for the Analysis of Small Molecule-RNA Interactions” Mukherjee, H., Blain, J.C., Vandivier, L.E, Chin, D.N., Friedman, J.E., Liu, F., Maillet, A., Fang, C., Kaplan, J. B., Li, J., Chenoweth, D.M., Christensen, A.B., Petersen, L.K., Vest Hansen, N.J., Barrera, L., Kubica, N., Gnanasambandam Kumaravel, G., Petter, J.C., ACS Chem. Biol. 2020, 15, 9, 2374–2381, published online August 17, 2020.



Key publications by leaders in the RNA field

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