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If you’re ready to step up to do something amazing, come join us on our expedition.

At Arrakis, we are doing ambitious work to define a new way to create medicines. Our mission takes fearlessness and resilience, but we also enjoy the ride – collaborating, thinking, exploring and laughing together as we chart our course for bringing a host of new RNA-targeted medicines to patients who need them.

Our team is charting new territory, but guided by applying established tools for small molecule drug discovery. We are unlocking biology that’s inaccessible with today’s treatments by redirecting the drug discovery toolkit to target on RNA. Our destination is patients, to bring new medicines to millions of them.

If this excites you, and you want to work with a creative and fun team, check out our job openings.

Pursue great science with a spirited team. We find fun and take pride in working together. You can, too.
check out our job openings

The planet Arrakis

Our name is inspired by the desert planet Arrakis, from the novel Dune, thought to be a wasteland but was actually the source of the most valuable resource in the universe. Likewise, we believe that the world of RNA is vast and largely unexplored and offers the opportunity for us to discover a new world of therapeutics.

Life on Arrakis

Life at Arrakis starts by being bold and motivated.
We are on an expedition, guided by a sense of purpose to discover a new class of RNA-targeted medicines.

At the center of our universe is science.
Our mission is to re-architect drug discovery tools and methods to unlock previously inaccessible biology to create new medicines for millions of patients. This requires a high caliber scientific team that is fearless in pursuing new discoveries and is surrounded and supported by a collaborative team of explorers.

The gravitational force that connects us is fun.
As we work together to achieve our ambitious goals, we make time to laugh together and enjoy the journey.

What drives us and makes us Arrakeens

At Arrakis, we are one team, and we embrace our individuality and celebrate our unique stories.

Check out our CEO

(aka Chief Twitter Officer) @michael_gilman
He likes to tweet. A lot. His tweets offer words of wisdom and humor to many in biotech.

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Come join us on our journey!

Arrakis is growing and we've got new opportunities for you to become part of our expedition. Do you like working in an informal place where we are serious about our work but don't take ourselves too seriously? We work hard, but we also enjoy hanging out together, including company outings about once a quarter.

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