Dare to be



Defy the status quo, take the risks, lead with curiosity, believe in human kindness.
At Arrakis, we dare to be extraordinary even when success isn’t a guarantee. We are leaping into the new possibilities of the RNA world, where every individual’s contribution matters on our journey to help millions of patients.


Be Inspired

by a team

that values you

It takes a lot of heart to be part of the Arrakis expedition. It takes people who motivate you, who value your contributions, who believe in you, and above all, who want to link arms on a meaningful mission. Having determined and caring individuals on our team is paramount to our success, so we use these five core values to drive us forward:



What we are trying to do has never been done before. Others didn’t think it was possible. We do. We run the most impactful experiments, not the easiest ones. If you are Arrakeen, you go for it BECAUSE it’s hard, not in spite of it.



We will not let stress and pressure overwhelm us. We will remain unrelentingly competent and focused and will always treat each other well. We will adapt, we’ll keep our sense of humor, and we’ll be unflappable.



Free, fun, forward-thinking. We embrace our humanity and share who we are with each other – compassionate, welcoming, and authentic, with unwavering support for one another.



We foster an environment where everyone feels safe sharing their opinions, and where each voice is heard. If we see a problem, we identify it and jump in to help fix it. But it’s always a shared ownership: together we achieve much more than we would individually.



We are visionary - growing from and inspired by our collective experiences, trying new things, and learning from each other along the journey.





Anyone else might say, “can we do this?”, but our team of skilled scientists and drug development leaders are as inventive as they are pragmatic. They don’t ask if we can, they find a way how.

On our mission to impact patients, our people are driven by curiosity and the freedom to explore. Arrakis has a simple yet powerful vision: To extend small-molecule medicines into new realms of biology, unlocking that biology to create transformative medicines for patients. We are journeying into a territory that others considered impossible, and we embrace our pioneering journey. We believe that by targeting RNA biology in new ways, we have the potential to impact millions of lives.

Join us in our mission to develop powerful new therapies for patients everywhere.



“Tackling RNA as a druggable target was just another step into the unknown.”


“Everybody here is free to be themself.”


“Everyone’s opinion is valued, and ideas come from anywhere. People recognize that here.”





When the expedition calls for a challenging journey, creating the right conditions and cultivating a safe environment is key. Arrakis seeks to understand the needs of each employee, fostering a successful workplace through the lens of flexibility. Trust, open dialogue, and individual accountability are the pillars that we build our system on – creating an inclusive place where everyone can thrive. We believe that flexibility is more than a buzz word – it’s a mindset – with the potential to maximize the value of our life and work experiences, while achieving the best outcome possible for our team and Arrakis.

Our people consistently tap into the climate of our culture and advocate for employee-driven initiatives, growth opportunities, and community involvement. We love what we do, and love having fun doing it.

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Some call us bold and outspoken. We like to think of ourselves as engaged, trailblazing, and thoughtful. Join us as we celebrate our unique stories and perspectives.

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She is the original heart and soul of Arrakis, and continues to inspire us fearlessly.

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